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Bristle Bone Review and Giveaway (US Only)

We were sent a Bristle Bone by Drs. Foster and Smith as part of February's Dental Health Awareness Month. Since the month is winding down we wanted to share the dental health and fun treat / toy with all of you. Dental health for you pet should be a year round effort not just something you remember to do once a year.

Yummy treats and fun toys are a great way to keep up your pets healthy teeth and beautiful smile. But don't forget to brush their teeth!

About Bristle BoneChallenge your dog to work for the treats on each of these multi-textured dog bones. Refillable nylon bone toys banish doggie boredom and help foster dental health. Bouncy Bone combines three chews - durable bone, rubber ball, and digestible Gnawhide treats. Bristle Bone features soft rubber nub rings, Gnawhide treats, plus stiff, tooth-cleaning nylon bristles to enhance the dental benefits of chewing.
Irresistible Gnawhide Treats are made of rawhide and cornstarch/sorbitol . They add delicious rawhide flavor to your pet's chewing experience, are made specifically for the Bouncy and Bristle Bones. To refill, simply unscrew bone ends and add Replacement Gnawhide Treats.

  • Conquer boredom and support dental health with these innovative dog toys
  • Bone-hard nylon ends, combined with multiple-texture add-ons, give dogs chewing variety
  • Replaceable treats reward dogs for their hard work

Our Review:
Oh my goodness Davinia claimed this treat / toy as her own and would not give it up for anything. She spend hours working at it and just wanted to be left alone. This is huge because Davinia NEVER plays with toys she might sniff them or lick them but she doesn't play with them. I expected Indiana to be the one to be the product tester but no Davinia claimed it and Indiana was not allowed near it. I gave Indiana a treat and she came with me into another room and completely forgot about the special toy Davinia had. I finally had to take the Bristle Bone away from Davinia when we went for our night walk but she was not very happy about it at all. I picked her up and put the toy down on her bed and she tried to take a flying leap out of my hands to get it back. I put it up on the counter so she could see Indiana wouldn't steal it and she was happy and ready to go for a walk. Words cannot do justice to how much Davinia enjoyed playing with this new toy and trying to figure out how to get to the treat so I will let the pictures do all the explaining.

I will say though that I asked for the medium sized bristle bone thinking the small would be too little for the girls but I think it probably would have been a better size. As you can see there is no way Davinia could carry the bone around with her so I had to help her get in her bed to play with it. I would recommend the small Bristle Bone for a dog Davinia and Indiana's size or smaller and probably even a Cocker Spaniel sized dog as well. A lab would be very happy with the medium sized bone. Its unfortunate though that there is no sizing information on the website so you have a better idea of how big each size is and who it is best for. I also wanted to add that I have made purchases from Drs. Foster and Smith in the past and have been happy with what I received as well as the customer service.

Purchase It:
Visit Drs Foster and Smith to purchase the Bristle Bone or any of their other products

Win It:
One lucky winner will receive a Bristle Bone of their choice for their dog!

Visit Drs Foster and Smith and tell us what other product they offer that your pet needs or would love to have

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We were sent a Bristle Bone from Drs Foster and Smith to review. We did not receive any other form of compensation for this post. Our opinions are our own and were not swayed in any form. This giveaway is open in the US only and will run through 3/14 at 11:30 pm Eastern time at which time a winner will be chosen via


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