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Fall 2011 NYC Fashion Week: Dogs Take the Spotlight

This year New York City's Fall 2011 Fashion Week took place at the same time as Westminster. The designers not wanting to be upstaged by the dogs down the block used dogs in their show. Isaac Mizrahi used dogs throughout his show which dyed to match his new line. I guess dying the dog to match your clothing or home is better then returning the dog to the shelter for clashing with your curtains.

Back Stage at Isaac Mizrahi Fashion Show

When asked where the dogs came from Mr. Mizrahi said the dogs were borrowed from friends or were rescue animals. I couldn't find out if the dogs who were up for adoption were pointed out in some way in hopes that someone in the audience would want a new family member. Nor was I able to find out which of the dogs were rescues.

Dog on the Mulberry RunwayHopefully this will not mean a run on doggy dye in this country like we have seen in China in the past few years.


Fall 2011 NYC Fashion Week: Dogs Take the Spotlight {my blog}