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Service Dog That Tells on its Person

We all know that Service Dogs can play a vital role in the lives of the people they live with. They are trained to do everything from turning on the light to helping do the laundry to helping in case of a seizure. What they aren't necessarily trained to do is tell on the person they are with. But Sam the Service dog routinely tells on Joy his 11 year old little girl who is somewhat of a trouble maker.

Joy will awake in the middle of the night and turn off her oxygen which she needs in order to sleep. Sam responds by running to Joy's parent's room and alerting them that there is a problem. Each time Sam tells on Joy he is potentially saving her life. Joy was born with Down syndrome and also suffers from respiratory distress and epilepsy. She has needs a feeding tube as well as supplemental oxygen in order to survive. At night she is hooked up to machines which monitor her vital signs unfortunately it is those same machines Joy can now unplug which is why Sam's work is even more important to Joy's family. They know Same will alert them to the danger so they can rectify the situation.

Sam has benefitted Joy in other unexpected ways. Having to give Sam commands has improved Joy’s verbal and social skills. Joy has also progressed in physical therapy and grown in her ability to assume responsibility, since she is responsible for Sam’s basic care. Joy brushes Sam once a day, feeds him twice a day and makes sure his water bowl is full.

Sam is a Labrador / Spaniel cross given a second change at life when she was was a rescued by Midwest Assistance Dogs Inc.


Service Dog That Tells on its Person {work}