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Do you think we have what it takes to be the Vice President of pop culture at popchips?
We know we have what it takes Social Media wise but we need our friends to show their support. If we go for it we would need your help gaining the position.We would need your help getting our name out there so that everyone knows we would be the best choice for VP of popchips . Would you help us?
Leave a comment and let us know you support our candidacy. Tell us why you think Two Little Cavaliers would make the best VP of pop culture.


As the vp of pop culture you’ll be assisting Ashton Kutcher in all official pop culture business, jetting off to report on-location from the hottest pop culture events, helping discover what’s popping, and weighing in on all the important issues.

Duties will include

* create entertaining digital content each and every month on topics assigned to you by the president of pop culture himself
* submit a weekly blog post about your adventures and what you believe to be pop culture
* serve as an on-location reporter for at least three top pop culture events like music festivals, award shows and fashion events
* mingle with pop stars and fashionistas, get snapped by the pop-arazzi
* help spread the snack love by sharing popchips digital content

Do you think we have what it takes?

We think the Two Little Cavaliers next to Ashton Kutcher would be completely and utterly unstoppable. Oh and if we win that could very well mean Davinia and Indiana receive their very own twitter account to go along with their facebook profile.

We know we can draw a crowd, stop people in their tracks, and have them walk over to us from across the room just to say hello no matter where we are all over the world.

Here is the link to the entire job posting:


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