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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning of Family

Pls cross post! I received this from a friend of ours with the plea to help get the story out there and not only help this dog but to raise awareness about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning At Boca Raton Townhome - Video - WPBF West Palm Beach

Pets Palm Beach 561-752-3232 has contacted Have a Heart, Inc. about the dog in this story. They have asked Have a Heart to help raise money to cover the cost of treatment for the little dog $300. Apparently only one local vet can treat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning because it is so unheard of here in South Florida. The dog is being taken to Dr. Erin 561-319-2557. If you can help please paypal
to haveaheart@yahoo.comwith the words "Carbon Monoxide" in the

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning of Family + story