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Senseless animal killing -This has got to stop

Since Sunday I have been sent a number of really disturbing video, pictures, and news articles all having to do with the torture and senseless death of animals. I shared some of these things on facebook via Davinia and Indiana's profile and by last night I was ready to vomit and just couldn't post one more piece of horrific news. I just don't feel like I can post all of these stories separately. I am going to keep them all to this post and you can choose to read it or not and watch the videos or not and click the links to see detailed pictures or not.

Epic and SamsonSince the senseless killing of Bear-Bear by an off duty officer in a dog park there was another senseless killing of two dogs this time both Great Danes who had gotten loose from their home and were running around a neighborhood. Someone who was in no danger of harm (he called emergency services from his home) to report the loose dogs decided he didn't want to wait for someone to come and get the loose dogs so he went outside and as they ran by he shot one of them. Then as the other one was running away from him he gave chase and killed that one as well. Not only that but he was told to stay inside his home and emergency services would be there shortly and he had a chance to speak with a neighbor who told him the same thing. Great Danes just don't seem the vicious type to me in any way shape or form sure they are big but certainly these two dogs who got loose and were running around the neighborhood having fun did not pose a threat to him or his neighbors. So why did he feel the need to pull out his gun and hunt these two dogs down.

Here is the link to sign the petition to make sure this person is prosecuted to the fullest extent possible:

Then there was the cat lady in the UK who was walking down the street and nonchalantly threw the very surprised cat in the garbage can after petting it. Why on earth would someone do that? Did the cat somehow harm her? Obviously the cat wasn't vicious and was tame enough for her to reach down and pick up so must have been someone's pet. Even of my feral cats (who basically live in the yard) and I feed, only one will let me pick her up but she doesn't let anyone else touch her. The rest would have scratched and probably bitten this lady out of protest. So why did she feel the need to throw it out?

Puppy Jessy getting ready for a new life.

iReport August 28, 2010 | Sofia, Bulgaria night before she was due to fly to her new home in Holland, 3 month old puppy Jessy who was being cared for at one of the country's few humane shelters in Upper Bogrov near Sofia, Bulgaria, was killed in a senseless act of revenge brutality against the current Animal Rights movement in Bulgaria. Sick psychopaths broke into the Animal Rescue Sofia (ARS) shelter last night and skinned her alive, leaving her remains to be found by the volunteers in the morning when they were met with the terrifying sight of her leather skin and head.

This was the story that was one too many for me last night. And due to the graphic nature of the video I am posting it under the information about it so you can understand what you will see if you choose to watch it. This is a very graphic video. It will make you sick and horrified and want to send your own team of trained killers to find this monster. But it is true the more people who know about it the more people who can help authorities find this monster and lock her up for life. in the video you can see this monster and her camera person laughing as she throws each puppy one by one into the river. They were so young that some probably died on impact and others most likely drowned in the river as they were too young to swim to safety. There is no way that unless someone saw this horrific act taking place and dove in the river to save the puppies that any survived.

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