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BlogFest 2010: Basket Full of Dog Supplies CLOSED
BlogFest 2010

This giveaway will only be open from 12:01am on September 10th - September 12th at which time a winner will be chosen. Don't miss out on this fantastic basket filled with treats, toys, chew bones, first aid supplies, training aids, and dental care great for someone bringing home a new puppy or a rescued older dog or even as a gift to a friend who loves their dog when they have you over for dinner. Thank you so much to our sponsors for helping us put together this awesome basket!

I just wanted to say hello to all of you visiting from Mommy's Minute thank you for stopping by to check out our giveaway! When you are done visiting us please stop by The Bibliophilic Book Blog to continue your BlogFest Journey.
To find out more about the products being offered we will be be posting reviews but how for now we hope that this will suffice. Things got a little crazy since it it BlogPaws this weekend.

I will say that the Pet Corrector (from The Company of Animals) got Davinia's attention from across the room and made her stop and look at me. Since this is mixed company I will not explain her wrong behavior. I also used it at the front door where she tends to get very exited when we are getting ready to go out and will bark. I used it once and now if I even reach for it she stops barking immediately. I don't want to overuse it but I am happy she knows that she doesn't want the noise to happen.

Indiana can get some pretty stinky breath and adding the Tropiclean Fresh Breath to their water really does help. I like the fact that it is not chemicals but made mostly from green tea and other natural products.

The Puppy Pinata has lots of smelly goodness inside that the dogs went nuts over when they smelled. I do have to help them get it opened because they aren't huge fans of the velcro but they can make it open.

Davinia: Mom no pictures I want to play.

The deer antler chew stick from Buckarooz is something completely new to us but the dogs knew what to do with it right away. It seems a bit harder to me then a cow bone and you can't see the dogs teeth marks on it as quickly. The major plus is that it does not smell like some real bones do so it can be around the house and I don't smell it which is awesome.

Indiana playingIndiana who hasn't used a Clicker in years knew exactly what to do when I took this one out of the packaging. I didn't even have a treat in my hand to give her just the clicker and she went into a perfect down. The Yummy Chummies only served to sweeten the deal and were a hit with the girls.

We haven't gotten to try the Nurtured Pet Anti Lick Strips yet but I am almost tempted to save them for an emergency because they would be perfect for inside a pet first aid kit.

Win all these amazing items!
We were sent a sample of each of these items to review. We received no other form of compensation for this giveaway nor was our opinion of any of these products swayed in anyway. Ends September 12th.

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