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Bowser Beer Review and Giveaway

About Bowser Beer
3 Busy Dogs is a family owned business which manufactures a fun, but healthy brand that speaks to the incredible emotional bond people have with their dogs. Our 100% US made Bowser Beer will not harm your pets or make them drunk, but will provide them with a non-alcoholic, delicious way to drink responsibly with you. We love our dogs and are committed to not only using top-quality ingredients, but to educating people about the dangers of giving real alcohol to their pets.
The current 3 very busy dogs are: Dax, Casey, and Muggsy. We feel very fortunate to have these three rescue dogs in our life so we can provide them with lots of love… which they give back with sloppy kisses and much tail wagging!

What is Bowser Beer

  • Made with REAL meat – no flavorings or artificial coloring. Rich in protein
    • Hops can be toxic to dogs, that’s why we use beef or chicken.
    • Made with malt barley full of B-vitamins).
    • Glucosamine added for joint health.
    • 12 oz plastic, recyclable bottles with tamper-proof, re-sealable caps.
    • Bowser Beer is 100% made AND sourced in USA.

    Even Whisper got to try some. Our Review:
    I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Bowser Beer at BarkWorld and got to watch as other dogs were given samples of the Snowser Cone (that's Bowser Beer poured over crushed ice) as they walked passed Beer Booth. Most of the dogs who stopped to try a lick or two seemed to enjoy it. I think they really liked the fact that it was cool treat because it was so hot outside that day.

    I was given the opportunity to take home a bottle of each flavor for the girls to try (it comes in beef and chicken) but like with everything else I turned down the Beef because it never seems to agree with Indiana's tummy. Since I was still in Georgia the first dog to try it was Whisper my parents dog. She tried it while it was room temperature and as you can see she was interested in it.

    Then Davinia and Indiana got to try some. I only put a very little in their bowls so they could try it and see if they liked it plus they had eaten dinner not long before and I didn't want to over-stuff them. They both thought it was a fun treat and finished it all. I think they probably would have enjoyed it warm and would have loved to have some carrots cooked in it. Here in Miami after a walk they would probably like it straight from the refrigerator nice and cold then again their tummies would probably prefer it room temperature or maybe slightly cool.

    I would consider Bowser Beer a huge educational tool to help educate owners that real beer can be fatal to dogs in any amount and that it is not a joke or funny to let Fido or Fifi have some of your beer in their bowl. I can also see how this might help a dog who isn't getting enough liquid to drink a bit more on their own.

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    Buy It:
    Click this link to find out where to purchase Bowser Beer locally.

    Win It:
    One lucky winner will receive a gift pack with one bottle of the Chicken Flavor and one bottle of the Beef Flavor Bowser Beer.

    In a comment tell us about your dogs personality. Let us know if your dog is the outdoor adventure type, a catching the ball in the backyard type, a couch potato, or the kind that is attached at the hip.

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    In order to write this review we received a bottle of Bowser Beer in Chicken Flavor for the girls to try. We did not receive any other form of compensation to write this post nor was our opinion swayed in any way. This giveaway will be open until October 8, 2010 at 11:30pm at which time a winner will be chosen via

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