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Make a New Friend Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we introduce you to a new blogging friend. We know that Blog Hops can get overwhelming and you don't really get to know everyone you just want to be able to stop by to say hello to get to say hi to everyone on the list.

We came up with Make a New Friend Tuesdays. This way we can really get to know a bit about our new friends and everyone can drop by to say hello since its one blog once a week. Don't worry we will still be having Blog Hops this is just a bonus! This is a much more intimate way to get to know your fellow bloggers and introduce yourself to them. I love getting to actually spend a few minutes looking through their posts to see what their blog is all about and of course getting to see pictures!

If you would like your blog to be featured please fill out this form and we will let you know when your blog will be featured. We are looking for next week's featured blog. You don't have to write in your pets voice or be strictly a pet blog. As long as you feature your pet on your blog as a part of the family we want to get to know you!

Meet our new friends Benji and Bingo over at Adopted Mutts

Hi! I am 15 and live in Malaysia. I have owned dogs since I was 5 years old. I have loved dogs as long as I can remember. I am really glad that my mother introduced me the animal "dog" as a friendly animal but not an animal that bites. This has influenced me very much in my feelings towards dogs. I discovered that dogs can have blogs since last year, and I started a blog for my fifth dog, Pongo the terrier. Unfortunately, he ran away and got lost and we can't find him.

My favorite animal is dogs, so I cannot live without them. Since the loss of Pongo, we adopted another two dogs and we made another blog specially for them. Since then I have been actively attending many dog meeting activities and bought a lot of books about dogs. I tried to understand them more so that I can give them the best that I can.

I love to eat almost everything, from Western food to Japanese food. And for the favorite color, I love sky blue. :) I have two dogs, which are both mutts (mixed-breeds). Bingo is a mongrel which I adopted at an animal medical center while Benji is a Shih Tzu mixed. They are both outdoor dogs, but we provide them the best that we can.

Bingo's favorite food is the Meaty Bar treat, which I wrote in my blog before, while Benji loves to eat meat, from canned-meat to cooked-meat. One of Bingo's favorite activity is playing with balls. He loves to catch balls especially balls that are thrown for a very long distance. Benji, on the other hand, loves to go for walks. He will grab the leash and run to the gate if you do not let him to go for a walk first.

Bingo's nickname is Bing-Bing, while for Benji, we just call him Ben for short.

Look at that tongue. What a cutie!
Pongo, our missing terrier. He is a very loving and playful pup.

Hope you are safe and maybe you will return home.

Bingo, another playful and active puppy. He loves to sniff...

Looks like one happy dog to us.

Benji, the first adopted adult dog that we have. We spent a lot of time to make him get affectionate with us, but now he is still a little aggressive towards strangers.

Be sure to stop by to say hello to our newest friends Adopted Mutts

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