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Petmate Stuffed Toys Review and Giveaway - US only

Quite a while ago we received this awesome box filled will toys from Petmate in the mail. We didn't even know that Petmate had toys we only know them as the crate people. Well not so long ago they purchased Aspen Pet Products so now they also make toys!

For the Giveaway portion we were told to choose our favorite items from the box and that is what Petmate wanted us to use as the giveaway! They knew if Davinia and Indiana liked it that our friends would certainly like those products the most too!

The first items the girls decided on unanimously is The Original Hedgehog. The grunting Hedgehog is a favorite among dogs in the know. He is cute, playful and makes the best sound! Seriously you have no idea how many hours of play your dog will get from this toy even if they have no desire to play with toys. Just the grunting noise makes Davinia and Indiana's ears perk up. I took it a step further and threw it for them to chase after and they both went for it which is seriously unusual in this house. Usually Davinia will give a new toy a sniff and be done with it unless she thinks it is cuddle worthy and then she will cuddle with it. Indiana on the other hand will play with toys if they are interesting enough. She really was interested in this toy she would try to jump on and off the bed with it and when it fell on the ground because this is a pretty big toy and she is a little dog so her and the toy never quite made it together and it would grunt she would go crazy. Indiana tried to show the Hedgehog who was in charge. If you notice I have been using the past tense when it comes to this toy. That is because like with all of her favorite toys she hides them somewhere and then I can't find it and have to wait for her to find it. So when I find a hedgehog in the middle of the night next to me in bed I will know what happened. Until then it will be a mystery as to what happened to the special toy.As for if this toy is bog dog friendly as you can see it is bigger then the girls heads so certainly big enough for a larger dog to play with and have fun. I think most dogs would absolutely go crazy playing with this toy.

The second item is going to be one of the Tuff Plush Cookie Cutters!
Tuff Plush™ is the softer side of Tuff! Our Tuff Plush™ toys are made to be three times as strong as regular plush, but we have kept the soft, squeezable, bite-able feel that your pup loves! Made with a canvas under-layer and nylon reinforced seams, these characters will hold up to the tuff love that your pup shows all of his or her favorite toys.We chose this toy as the second because we needed to bring a toy with us when we went to Georgia but I wanted to make sure Whisper my parents dog wouldn't be able to destroy it in a day in case Davinia and Indiana wanted to play with something. It passed Davinia's sniff test and became a pillow for her head for nap time. Indiana would chase after it a few times and then she rested on it. Whisper on the other hand did make it squeak a number of times when no one was looking. My parents didn't know she played with toys until one night I was doing work on the computer my dogs were asleep in their crate and she was the only one loose in the room and all of a sudden I heard squeaking. I knew that she had to do it so I went into the room she stays in at night and checked on her there was the toy all slobbered over and she was the only one who could have done it. Not only that but this was repeated every night I was there so we decided that she should keep the toy since she seemed to really like it and not just want to use it as a pillow. Maybe this way next time she will not be as upset that we are invading her house if we leave her presents when we go. This is a pretty substantial toy and even Whispers teeth didn't destroy the toy during her nighttime fun. If you have a large dog this would be a great toy for them to play with and not ruin within 5 minutes of you purchasing it.

We do have one honorable mention enrichment that we didn't choose for the giveaway but wanted to showcase. Half ice, half rubber, Dogzilla® Deep Freeze™ adds a fun, chilly twist to Dogzilla® rubber. Designed to engage a dog's five senses, Dogzilla® rubber is created with a revolutionary new process that infused PROTEIN in rubber. Dogzilla® has the right taste, color, smell and shape for your dog. Davinia loved licking this toy. She had fun licking the ice and the condensation off of the rubber part as it was melting. Indiana also gave it a few licks after coming in from a hot walk but also didn't really play with it. I think they just weren't all that sure about an ice toy. They have had icecubes to lick but never a frozen toy. I also think that it had to do with the fact that this summer even when they have been really hot after a walk they still weren't thirsty (don't worry they aren't sick they just were getting a lot of water to make their food.) Davinia did think it was fun to lick the ice at night after our last walk of the day she likes to feel the cold against her tongue. We think that your dogs will probably really like to lick the ice as well but since they never played with it as a toy we decided not to use this one. But certainly something good that is just for the dogs to have in the summer (or winter if you live in NYC in an apartment and your building is heated like all the ones we lived in.) I think that now that they are eating a kibble food again that the Two Little Cavaliers will probably like to lick the ice tomorrow morning after our long walk. Good thing it is in the freezer getting ready for them.

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Giveaway:One lucky winner will receive The Original Hedgehog and one Tuff Plush Cookie Cutter Toy from Petmate and Aspen Pet Products
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In order to write this review and giveaway we were sent a box of toys from Petmate. We did not receive any monetary or other compensation to create this blog post. Our opinion is completely our own and was not swayed in any fashion. This giveaway will be open until September 18th at 11:30pm Eastern at which time I will choose a winner using

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Petmate Stuffed Toys Review and Giveaway - US only + work