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We want to go to BlogWorld & New Media Expo @Mashable

Hi friends at Mashable,

Our names are Davinia & Indiana and we are the dogs behind the blog Two Little Cavaliers. We think the future of blogging is limitless. With new technology coming out daily there is no telling what things will look like 5 years from now.

We do know that the up and coming blogger are Pet Bloggers. With more and more Pet Brands understanding the power of social media and what it can mean to their company's growth we are the bloggers to watch. Companies are turning to Pet Bloggers to help spread the word about their products and ideas and it is paying off for them in big ways.

Pet Bloggers will be the next Mommy Bloggers. We are a tight knit community that is growing by leaps and bounds as you all at Mashable know as you have decided to partner with BlogPaws (can't wait to meet you all in Denver). We will be able to avoid the mistakes that the mommy bloggers have made and keep our Integrity and Passion alive as we continue to grow and transform and build an even stronger community. We are a group of bloggers not just focused on monetary gain but actually making a difference in the lives of those we are most passionate about. We know that each one of us individually can Be the Change and we are.

We would love to be able to go to BlogWorld & the New Media Expo so that we can network and learn from everyone there and grow as a blog. We know that mommy will bring everything she learns at BlogWorld home and we can help her share her experience there with all of our friends. Though we wouldn't protest if you wanted her to take us with her to Las Vegas we like to travel and meet new friends too.

Davinia & Indiana (& our mommy Marika too)

In our travel bags ready to get on the plane!
PS We tried to post on your blog but when we signed into our Facebook account it posted before we were ready and then wouldn't let us edit kept giving us error messages :(

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We want to go to BlogWorld & New Media Expo @Mashable + work