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24 Hour Blog-A-Thon for Animals in Need

We have decided that we will be participating in this years Blog-A-Thon to help shelter animals. Our idea is that we will post 24 pets in need of a home. We would love to post about a special animal that you know of that fits one of these categories special needs, long term foster (over a year), and older animals. We would love to showcase all sorts of animals in need so if you know of one that fits these requirements please contact us so we can work on getting the information we need on that animal.

The other way you can help is by commenting, re-tweeting, and status updates on Facebook to help spread the word about these 24 animals in need. Maybe just maybe we can get at least one of them adopted through this event. That would be absolutely amazing.

For those of you who have never heard of this event or just didn't know it has a name it was started by Pawcuriouslast year. Here is what she has to say about how it all came about.
Last year as I was floating about on the internet, I happened upon Romeo the Cat’s website and his staff’s posting urging us to do something in honor of Animal Shelter Appreciation week, my first foray into Be the Change.
I thought about it. I had one week to plan. I had no real well upon which to draw. All I know how to do is write (well, and spay and stuff but I figured that wasn’t a great fundraiser.) I remembered seeing a LiveJournal friend who participated in a 24 hour blogathon a couple years prior, in order to raise funds for a cause important to her.

Well, I figured, I can do that. And so I did. You can see all 24 posts here. No one else wanted to do it with me (not that I blame them), but I figured hey, maybe someone will come and hang out even though it’s the weekend and maybe I will raise a couple hundred bucks.

I even off-handedly offered to eat some dog food on camera for money. Then Anthony Holloway over at K9 cuisine took me up on it and sent me a sampler box (one vegetarian, one seafood stew, and one unagi and seaweed. Ha ha). And it all took off from there. Note: do not offer to eat anything gross on camera unless you mean it, because someone, somewhere, will pay you to do it. Should have remembered that lesson from How to Eat Fried Worms.

It was a party, I tell you. SO MUCH FUN. We had a kickoff chat, giveaways, sad stories, guest posts, a windup chat, and just an overall blast with all these people I had really got to bond with. We raised $2250, which was then matched by a generous benefactor who likes to remain anonymous (but I posted about him already)- making it $4500 raised, in one day.

Anyway- that is how it began, and it was so fun I’m doing it all again! Mark your calendars: Saturday, November 13th, starting at 11 am PST!
* Two’s company: If you want to do a blogathon alongside me, AWESOME! I would love to make it a group effort. I’m not making it a requirement that you support the same beneficiary as me. BZTAT has already stepped up to do a paint-a-thon at the same time. Three’s not a crowd, it’s a posse. (So I guess we have made it a posse and Dr. V has opened up the event to a more manageable size asking bloggers to agree to a 5K instead of the Marathon. ) That is how it all began and also a bit of history into Be the Change.

Two Little Cavaliers is open for Sponsorship:
If you have a product you’d like to provide for a giveaway during this event please contact us. Any giveaways we are asked to do during this event will go up on the half hour. Due to food restrictions we will not be eating anything gross (Davinia and Indiana say they would love to eat your treats though). If you would like to Sponsor a Post or 2 or all 24 please contact us. All money raised through sponsored posts will be donated to www. boggshumane in Tiger Georgia where my parents dog Whisper came from. They go down to Atlanta and find animals in the kill shelters to bring up to the mountains to be adopted out. They also accept owner turn ins as well as serving as a quarantine location for the surrounding area and they just don't have enough space and need to expand so they can help more animals in need.

How you can help
Comments, Retweets, and facebook status updates and of course make sure to visit Pawcurious and watch as BZTAT creates some amazing art which will be auctioned off for rescue! If we find out about more bloggers participating in this event we will share those details with all of you.

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24 Hour Blog-A-Thon for Animals in Need + work