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And the winner of the Kritter Kondo is...

There was some tough competition from the kitties out there to be the winner of the Kritter Kondo Deluxe. We saw quite a few facebook links go past on our feed as well as quite a few tweets! Don't think you were alone though because canine participation was pretty strong as well. Thank you all for your participation. We really wish we had like 10 of these to Giveaway to all of you because we know how much you all want one. Hopefully we will be able to host another giveaway in the future. There could only be 1 winner (this time)The winner was chosen via to keep it all fair. The winner of this giveaway is number 161! Heather W said... Our 3 cats would like the Deluxe Pink one : ) Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

Heather we hope that your three special kitties will not be really excited about having their very own Deluxe Kritter Kondo so they can go outside and stay safe and protected. All we need from you is your mailing address so expect an email shortly.

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And the winner of the Kritter Kondo is... + pet