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Two Little Cavaliers has been assigned the claim token S3QNE6YDB5WJ in order to have my blog appear in the Technorati Blog Directory this code must appear in a post on this blog.

For those of you interested in what this is all about here is some information from the Technorati site about claiming your blog and where to go and what to do in order to claim your own blog and get it listed.

Why should I claim my blog?

Claiming your blog will add it to Technorati's Blog Directory, in the categories you specify, and will let you see links from sites in our index to your blog. You can also specify tags for your blog, and it will appear in the lists of blogs on our Tag pages for those tags. If there are links to your blog, we will track your Technorati Authority over time Your claimed blog will also appear on your public profile page, so anyone who views that page (perhaps clicking through from a comment you make) will see it.

How do I claim my blog?

Simply sign in and go to your personal profile page by clicking on your name in the top right of any page. You will see the place to begin your claim by entering your blog URL just after the section that contains your profile image. If you do not already have a Technorati account you can sign up for free in less than a minute here.

What does Technorati do with claimed blogs?

Blogs claimed by Technorati members are added to the Technorati Blog Directory. The member claiming the blog can also supply categories and blog tags for the blog, and we will include the blog in the blog lists for those categories and tags. You can specify up to three categories for your blog, and Technorati users will be able to find them in those categories. Not all claimed blogs are added to our index, which is the list of sites that we crawl to collect content from. Sites must be included in our index to contribute to Technorati Authority or for their content to appear in search results. We are constantly reviewing additional sites for inclusion in the index.

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