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Follower Appreciation Days: Baby / Puppy Sling Giveaway


Kelly Hu (XMen2) Photo Courtesy of Chic Papoose
Customer service and a desire to keep new moms feeling stylish is the motivation for Chic Papoose; versatility, simplicity, and quality are the cornerstones of our philosophy. Created by a work-at-home-mom, Chic Papoose was born out of 13 months of heavy-duty tot toting. Put-off by the denim and ducky prints so prevalent in carriers available at the time, the idea of a reversible and stylish baby carrier was born.

Photo Holly of Chic Papoose Fashioned from a desire to keep baby close while maintaining a sense of style, the Chic Papoose baby sling is that third arm all parents need in the early days of parenthood. However, while modern parents want to provide the most nurturing environments for their children, they still yearn for products that reflect their own (pre-baby) identities. After all, just because you've had a child, it doesn't mean you have to dress in baby prints and colors. The Chic Papoose vision of functional, comfortable and fashionable slings came to fruition in the creation of the Chic Papoose, LLC in 2002. Since then, Chic Papoose has provided new parents and caregivers with fashionable and beautiful slings in a variety of styles to reflect their own sophisticated tastes.

Named after friends and family that inspire the designs, each sling is reversible, with one print side and one solid, so they go with everything. New moms can feel elegant, attractive, and a bit freer. And the babies, they are snug and happy, tucked inside. Experts agree that wearing your baby, or "babywearing" as coined by Dr. Sears, can even provide both physical and psychological benefits. We hope you enjoy the closeness and ease a sling can add to your days with baby as much as you enjoy our designs. Choose one (or two!) that complement your personal style and never feel frumpy again!

Nicole Sullivan Picture Courtesy of Chic Papoose
Davinia thinks her Chic Papoose is her own little slice of heaven. . She can lay like a baby asleep up against me while I am working. She loves to be off the ground and wants nothing in the world more then being as close to me as possible. With her sling she gets everything she wants and I am holding her. The inside of the sling is soft and gets warm and even more cozy the longer she stays inside. Since she can't put all of her weight on her back side she can't sit up in the sling but her injuries are also the reason I felt like the sling would be amazing for her in the first place. I was originally looking for the sling specifically for traveling and didn't even think about it for in the house.

Amy Tan with her dog (of Amy Tangerine clothing with Ming Na - of Mulan and ER)Photo Courtesy of Chic Papoose

I wanted to be able to carry her and Indiana at the same time when we are traveling so we can all go for walks together and since Davinia was attacked I can only carry her in one arm and of course it has to be my stronger arm. While Davinia and Indiana generally weigh within a half pound of each other Indiana is much more dense and feels heavier by a lot so carrying her in my left arm and being in a large hotel gets tiring fast. My thought was by having Davinia in the sling I can carry Indiana neither of them will get upset in the elevator or pee pee on the floor before we get outside.We actually do have a dog sling with holes for their legs to go through but again Davinia can't use it because she can't put that much pressure on her back leg area and hips so she can't use it.

Indiana gets jealous that I am holding Davinia and that she is sleeping next to me but runs away when I try to pick her up to put her in it. I have gotten Indiana in twice. When I try to baby Indiana she pretends she is very independent but the second I am out of her site she needs to come and find me. Once Indiana actually fell asleep for a minute bu realized I was holding her like a baby with her tummy in the air and so wanted out and the other time I had to get up and she didn't like being in there with me moving around. Which is fine because I didn't get it for her to use anyway I just wanted to see what she thought. The sling is a huge success for Davinia who would stay in it all day if I let her. I really like the fact that it is one continuous piece of material and I created so that you don't have to tie a knot in it yourself or use one of those metal rings to keep your baby (two or 4 legged) inside. It just seems more secure especially as your baby gets older and can move around more and need something more supportive underneath them.I wish I had a picture of Davinia in the sling sleeping like a baby but unfortunately I don't have a helper to take the picture and with her sleeping so close up against me it is impossible to take a good picture of her in it on my own.

Courtesy of Chic Papoose
Before purchasing a sling be sure to read up on sling safety in order to make sure you are purchasing the proper size for you and your baby. There are also great tips on how to wear the sling properly so you and your baby have the best experience possible.

Feel free to visit Chic Papoose on Facebook and say hello or let them know how amazing you think their slings are on twitter.

Visit Chic Papoose to choose your personal style and size. With so many to choose from there is sure to be something perfect for you. Chic Papoose is now available on Amazonso you can add these amazing slings to your baby registry!

One lucky winner will receive the Chic Papoose in the style and size of their choice!

Visit Chic Papoose and tell me what style you would choose if you won!

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In order to write this review we were sent our very own "Lindsay" Chic Papooseto try out. We did not receive any other form of compensation. Our opinion is our own and was not swayed in any form. This Giveaway will be open until November 12, 2010 at 11:30pm at which time a winner will be chosen via

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