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Review: Flashlight Key Chain & Key Ring

I am a member of a website called where you can occasionally find products for review. The website is simple to use and has products for all sorts of Niche blogs. The way it works is you apply to do a specific review and then the company Sponsoring that review will either accept or decline. If you are accepted you will receive a package in the mail with the item to be reviewed. Super simple and they are adding new features all the time to really attract more participation from Bloggers and Promoters.

The first product that I was sent to Review is from I signed up to do the review because they said that this might be a little flashlight but it is really powerful. I figured what better way to put it to the test then to use it when I walk the dogs. So that is how I pitched my review to them.

I was sent this little flashlight and laser pointer and I put it to use that first night. What a huge difference it has made. While it doesn't allow me to see much distance it really lights up the immediate area so I can see what Davinia and Indiana are doing with their heads in the grass. People driving by can see us and we can see the feral cats who follow us on our walks. The flashlight is a bit blinding if you accidentally shine it at yourself and you would want to try to keep it out of your pets eyes as well but that holds true with any flashlight. This little flashlight is a great deal (at $7.99) even if it is just to have around for emergencies on your keyring or to keep in your car.

I wasn't really sure why I needed a laser pointer but then I remembered that my sister who has cats plays with a laser pointer and they chase it around so I figured I would try it with the dogs. No go. They were completely uninterested but all of a sudden feral kitten comes out from some bushes and pounces on the laser dot. So I moved it around some more and she was playing with it. This is the first time I have ever seen feral kitten play with anything that kept her attention for more then a second. So now every night on our way back to the house when I see Feral Kitten I push the button on the laser pointer and let her play a little. Some of the other feral cats seem interested but she is the only one who will play. So there you have it a great kitty toy that also works as a flashlight.

If you live in the woods I am sure you could even use this flashlight at night to scare away wildlife because shining it at their eyes would momentarily blind them. And probably make them go in the opposite direction without hurting them or upsetting them. It did help to keep an injured raccoon away from the cat food one night long enough for me to clean up the food so it couldn't eat it.


  • Color: silver
  • With two modes: LED flashlight and red laser pointer
  • Max output: < 5mW
  • Wavelength: 650nm +/- 10
  • Class IIIA Laser product
  • This product complies with 21CFR
  • Extensive lifetime of LED (100,000 hrs)
  • Low power consumption
  • Water resistant
  • Power: 4 x AG3 batteries (Not included)
  • Warranty period: Six Months
  • Not in retail packaging
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