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What Do You Think Part 2

On Friday I post the following picture asking what you all thought about it. I had seen it posted on someone's Facebook wall on Thursday and it caused a ton of controversy about whether the dog was matted and in terrible condition or if it was just a corded dog having fun at the beach.

Most people can probably name 10 - 15 breeds of dog if they try hard enough. With 161 recognized breeds by the AKC alone there are a lot of great dogs out there that deserve some attention and understanding. Instead of paragraphs and paragraphs of facts to read through I thought it would be more fun to put up pictures of the different corded breeds & Breeds that can be shown corded.

I think this first picture might surprise you. I know the first time I saw of a picture I didn't believe it either but poodles can be corded and actually have a long tradition of being shown in cords.
Then there is the Havanese which can be shown is a brushed coat or a corded coat.

2007 Best of Breed Winner
The always happy Puli. I don't think I have ever seen a Puli who wasn't super happy or in complete concentration. They are a herding dog and love to do Agility. You can find a number of Corded Puli's who are Agility Champions.

Puli CH. Cordmaker Field of Dreams at Westminster
The Bergamasco another herding dog hailing from Italy and as you can see the cords on this breed seem to be very different then the cords on the other breeds. The texture of their fur is different then the other breeds who have cords and so they look less kept and clean but apparently these dogs stay very clean and in fact all it will take for the leave to get unstuck from this dog when it stand up is a good shake. The cords keep the dirt and weather out so the dog can perform its job.


Major, a Komodor, competes in the working group during the Westminster 2010. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)
Finally the Komodor. This isn't actually all the dogs that can be shown corded as any dog with a permanent coat can be corded. So that would include quite a lot of breeds. Personally though I think I would have a hard enough time keeping a Maltese in a show coat that I wouldn't know where to begin with a dog that is corded. I think I prefer wash and go breeds myself.

If we are going by pictures alone it does seem that the dog in the beach picture is a Bergamasco. Judging by the picture it is one happy dog that has been swimming and rolling around in the sand. Thank goodness I wasn't the one who had to dry him after his adventure.

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