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Happy Aloha Friday

The way it works is you post a short question on your blog and link up each week at An Island Life the hostess of this event so others can come and visit your blog and answer your question. Everyone can post their own question just make sure to keep it family friendly.

Our question for you:
When traveling do you prefer to drive or fly to your destination?

I prefer to flyquite honestly first because you can get more places that way both within the US and abroad. Davinia and Indiana don't really care they love to fly and love to drive. Davinia however is not fond of Security procedures and Indiana never wants to get back in her carrying bag because she loves being the center of attention.

I have loved flying since I was a little girl though you certainly aren't treated as well on most airlines these days. And flying has become a stressful situation between security and needing to arrive at least an hour and a half early for your flight and then most destinations require a connection where they give you under an hour layover so you are running to catch your next plane (BlogPaws Denver cough cough how Miami doesn't have a direct flight to Denver is beyond me). It is still quicker and less work getting to your destination then driving yourself just don't expect to receive anything resembling a meal unless you are flying internationally.

There are exceptions to that like some of the International carriers such as Lufthansa which has great service and is dog friendly.

Then there is Cathay Pacific honestly in a league all their own I wish they flew domestically in the US I would take them everywhere with their outstanding service and can do attitude. Their pilots are top of the line recruited from all over the world and it shows in everything they do. Since Cathay flies mainly to countries with some sort of quarantine law dogs have to fly under the plane but can go two in a crate.

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Happy Aloha Friday + work