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Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop Sponsor: Lainey's Pawtique

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Lainey's Pawtique will be offering a $30 Gift Certificate to the lucky Grand Prize Winner on our Blog for the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop.

Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop

Laineys Pawtique creates handmade items to pamper your four legged baby! AND I'm going to do my best to see that your baby is PAMPERED! We offer Swarovski crystals and pearls, lamp beads, glass beads, stones and acrylic necklaces. We also offer fleece beds and blankets, knitted afghans, scarfs and we also make homemade cookies, cookies in a gift jars, cookie mixes in gift jars. There are many flavors of cookies and I'm always looking for more! We have gift baskets for new puppies, birthday's, holidays. I also have new puppy announcements and birthday invitations, birthday hats and birthday accessories. If there is something you would like but do not see here just ask and I will see if can help you! I can customize sizes or colors just feel free to ask me!


Q. When does my package ship?
A. As we bake to order we need 3-4 days baking time and than shipping used is USPS Priority Mail which is usually 2-3 days BUT could be longer or shorter.

Q. You use the Term "Chocolate" in your description, I thought is bad for Dogs.
A. Yes Chocolate is bad for dogs, we just use the term chocolate as it sounds better. We actually use Carob chips or Carob powder in our recipes.

I think what makes my company stand out from the crowd is I treat your pets like they are your babies and not just a pet. I personally make each and every cookie, I hand dip every cookie I drizzle carob chocolate. I choose every bead and crystal and stone. I create every necklace with love and the hope that you too love your baby as much as I do mine. I offer you exactly what I would want for my own two babies!!

CosmoHavanese with some yummy noms! Photo Courtesy of Laineys Pawtique
I want your satisfaction and your repeat business, therefore customer service is very important to me. I am a very hands on person and I love hearing from you. I always follow up with emails and keep you advised of shipping and and estimated arrival time. When you have received your item...Did you like it, was it what you had expected.

I want to be the company you think of when you want to pamper you baby, to feel confidant that you chose the right person for your needs! To feel at ease with each purchase.

Davinia and Indiana love Laineys Pawtique treats. We have done a Review and Giveaway for them in the past and have also won a sampler bag during a #pawpawty! Your dogs and cats (they make cat treats too) will love everything this bakery has to offer.

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Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop Sponsor: Lainey's Pawtique + Puppy