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Mock Giveaway (For Instructional Purposes)

I was asked to show someone exactly how I set up my Reviews and Giveaways. I figured the best way would be to do a step by step tutorial for everyone to see.

The first things I do is to save the companies logo or banner to my computer so I can put it on the very top of the Review and or Giveaway. However for the Holiday Giveaway Hop for Pets and many other giveaway hops the creator of the Hop usually asks that you put their button at the very top so everyone can easily identify the post when they come looking.


For Giveaway Hops I usually put the information about the event here.
Welcome to the Holiday Giveaway Hop for Pets thank you for stopping by. This giveaway will be posted at 12:01am on Thursday November 18th and will end on Thursday November 25th. The winner will be chosen via Be sure to stop by and visit all the blogs participating in this event!

FAKE company button or banner

About the Company: (I put the companies name with a link to their website)
I usually take information from the companies website to give our readers a bit of information about the product, the company, and the creator if applicable. If this is a small business and the photo is available I try to put a picture of the owner or their animals in this section as well.

Our Review:
This is our review it is what either I think about the product the dogs think about the product or a combination of the two. If I hate the product or I have nothing nice to say about it I will generally contact the company and let them know as I will not lie about what I think so it is up to them if I post anything at all. In most cases I am able to find at least one or two good qualities about the product to share but will also discuss something we did not necessarily like about the product. Don't be mean but be honest. If the toy is too big or small for your pet tell us so we don't go out and buy it if it isn't going to work for us. Include pictures either ones the company sent you or ones you took yourself of your family enjoying the product.2 to 3 is a good number. If this was an active review and you took a video then embed it in this area along with one picture of the product. You can also include pictures of other products this company offers so your readers can see they have a large selection.

Where to purchase:
I try to include where our readers can purchase this item and the approximate cost if available to me . Include a link to the store where they can purchase it or tell them what book sellers for instance carry the book or Pet Stores carry the toy.

WIN IT: (sometimes depending on the prize I will put a picture of the prize here as well.)
This is where I will put information about the exact item the winner(s) will receive and let everyone know how many winners. If there is eligibility requirements put them here as well! (ie US only, over 18 etc)
(Fake Prize Info) The winner of this giveaway will receive a hand made no sew pet blanket that is 3 feet by 3 feet in their choice of pink or blue pawprint fabric. Perfect for a small dog or puppy or newborn baby.

Mandatory: (In every giveaway there is a mandatory entry it is best to keep this simple as most people will just move on if they feel like they have to jump through too many hoops.)

Visit the website (link to website) and in the comments tell me what other item you would like to have.

Bonus Entries:(please leave a separate comment for each entry)
1. Follow us on Google Friend Connect
2. Follow us on twitter (Twitter name with link) and tweet this giveaway (can be done once per day)
Two Little Cavaliers is having a Mock Giveaway for a pet blanket be sure to stop by to enter to win.
(When create what I want people to tweet I open up twitter and type out the information to make sure it stays under 140 characters)
3. Sign up for our daily email updates. Be sure to confirm your subscription or your entry will be disqualified. (3 extra entries)

It is here that you would put the Linky Code if this is a holiday hop encouraging your readers to visit the other blogs.

This is where your disclaimer goes (This is true for Reviews or Reviews with Giveaways):
Just be honest here.
If you are reviewing a product tell your readers how you got the product. Was it sent to you by the company or did you purchase it yourself.
Tell your readers if you were being paid for your opinion or if there was no monetary compensation and opinions were all your own.
Remind your readers when the giveaway will end and that you will be choosing the winner via or pulling numbers from a hat etc.

Hope this helps you put together your Review / Giveaway!

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Mock Giveaway (For Instructional Purposes) + work