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From the Desk of Davinia & Indiana,

No this isn't a blog post about teaching us how to sit nicely or walk calmly on a leash. We don't want to walk calmly on a leash we prefer to hunt lizards and 'point' at birds. We think it is fun to 'point' up trees as well. So you can find another blog post about those things on someone else's blog. We banned mommy from writing about those things and from reading your posts about them. We are happy just the way we are.

This post is about taking your mommy and daddy's for a walk. Show them your leash or better yet if you can bring it to them to let them know its time to go for a walk. Just because the weather is getting a little nippy in some places doesn't mean we don't need our exercise and lets face it our mommies and daddies could all benefit from the adventure as well.

We have our mommy trained well she knows no matter what the weather we still want to go for our walk. Whether that means going out in a torrential downpour here in Miami or going out in a Blizzard like we made mommy do in NY we will not take no for an answer. We know it is good for mommy to go out and exercise no matter how she feels so we wake her up in the morning with kisses and tell her we are getting impatient and it is time to go. She gets the idea pretty quickly. We have never had to go outside by ourselves, mommy has to go with us on a walk at least 3 times a day. Just to make sure she gets it if she even tries to "walk" us in the back yard we dig up the feral kitty poo to eat it. Mommy thinks that is really disgusting so we get our way every time.

We did it over the summer we told mommy she needed more energy and to feel better and especially to take us on longer walks and guess what she did. She said she has lost weight, has more energy, and feels so much better then before. Ok so we didn't do it all ourselves but mommy said we definitely helped her along the way. That is how we know you can help your mommies and daddies too!

Its time we all take action into our paws and out of all of our two leggers to make sure they stay happy and healthy so we can play and have adventures together. Make sure to wake up your mommy and daddy in the morning with lots of kisses and tell them to take us on extra long walks before they feast on all that Turkey and mashed potatoes and desserts. Tell them that today is the beginning of the dogs (lets face it there are very few cats who go on walks) making sure our mommies and daddies are as healthy and happy as they keep us.

Davinia & Indiana

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