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Pet Food Bank on Verge of Shutting Down

Photo courtesy of KIDK TV
IDAHO FALLS - A local program that donates pet food might shut down. The Humane Society Of The Upper Valley gives away up to 400 pounds of pet food to animal owners in need. Their food supply is low, and their pet food drive isn't getting enough donations. Without donations, their isn't any food to give out to those in need.

"When you are on a fixed income, it would come down to the lives of my pets and paying my heating bill. and that is decision no one should ever have to make," said Kristy Alvord, who benefits from the program.

Thanks to the pet food drive Kristy doesn't have to make this decision. The Humane Society of the Upper Valley is in its second year and its sole purpose is to help low income and seniors feed their animals throughout the winter.

It doesn't matter what the temperature is, five days a week you can find Judy outside the food bank. All you have to do is tell her what kind of animal you have and she will make sure you get the right kind of food to feed your pet.

"We tried to come up with a place we could do the most good. Those sweet people take care of the two legged ones and I take care of the four legged ones," said Judy Young.

But Judy is helping two legged friends as well...

"It has been essential in keeping my animals in my home, keeping some of them from being euthanized," said Kristy.

Kristy had unexpected financial restrictions when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

"If I had not gotten Sugar my little shit-zu. I would probably be in a wheelchair right now because Sugar required walking, and at that point I was very ill," said Kristy.

Last year between November 1st and March 31st, Judy gave out more than 30 thousand pounds of pet food. This year they have lost their major contributor.

"Supporting us for a lot of years, so this is very damaging," said Judy.

And this can only mean one thing.

"Unless I get the support from the public like we did last year in this pet food drive, I am probably going to have to stop this program at the end of December and we don't want to do that," Judy.

But it means more than just feeding their pets.

"It is what gives our lives quality. And thank god there is a Judy Young and a program that is willing to help," said Kristy.

"I have had hugs, and god bless yous, and Merry Christmas, it is wonderful," said Judy.

The program generally runs from November until the end of March. Judy says she will need at least another 10,000 pounds of food to get through the rest of the winter.

You can always give them to Judy, she stands outside the Idaho Falls Community Food Bank in Idaho Falls Monday through Friday from 3:45 to 5 in the afternoon. There are three donation drop offs at Apple Athletic, Ameripet, and Petco.

You can send money donations to:
Humane Society of The Upper Valley
P.O Box 51021

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Pet Food Bank on Verge of Shutting Down + pet