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5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Drink More

We were asked how to help a dog drink more. Before you attempt to get them to drink more figure out how much they are actually drinking per day.

1. Put water in with their food. It will help slow them down when eating and will help them get more water per day. Plus you control it.

2. Sprinkle their water with a few blueberries or cranberries or other cut up fruit they will drink some water while getting the fruit out. Plus they will get a special healthy treat.

3. If they don't like their bowl replace it. Who cares what they drink out of as long as they will drink on their own. Try one of your cereal bowls or even a cup. Switch it up make it fun for your dog.

4. Buy a pet water fountain. Dogs love to drink fresh moving water heck they also love to drink out of the swimming pool and puddles. Give them what they want.

5. If your dog is sick you can use chicken broth or watered down carrot juice instead of water. Original Flavor Pedialyte will help get your dog electrolytes. If everything else fails and you are nursing a sick dog that has already seen the vet use a syringe to get water or other liquid into them.

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