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E-Bay Petition Has Gone Viral!

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The Petition that you helped get started has now gone viral. It was our readers who brought this issue to our attention all we did was help get the word out there. Then picked up our article and created a petition. At first they were hoping for 1,500 signatures and I told all of you lets double that. Well the petition was getting enough social media attention and quickly put it in the sights of E-bay. E-bay responded by a revamp of their classified site but we all know that isn't enough. We need to tell E-bay there is no place for the sale of live animals via the classified section of their site or for that matter anywhere on their site. agrees and chose the petition to be highlighted in a mass email to all of their subscribers.

The email went out earlier today and the results are literally unbelievable. There are now almost 49,000 signatures on the petition and growing by the second. If you help spread the word imagine just how many more signatures we can manage. Please consider creating your own Blog Post either today or Friday to let your friends and Followers know about the petition and ask them to sign.

Thank you for spreading the word,
Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

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E-Bay Petition Has Gone Viral! + pet