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No Sew Dog Blanket

No Sew Dog Blanket
For those of you who want to make something special for your four legged family members but cannot sew this is the perfect solution. Your dogs and cats will love it because it is super soft and very warm.
Material:Fleece FabricScissors

You can use left over fleece from other projects or find fabric that matches your dogs personality. I happened to have found this piece of fabric in a place that had no other fleece available and the dogs were cold so I used what I could find. You can choose any pattern you want to use even better if it is on sale.
If you have a square piece of fabric you can make fringes around the entire blanket, If you start with a rectangle piece of fabric you will only want to fringe the two ends so you don’t loose width just a tiny bit of length.
With your scissors cut at intervals of One inch up the fabric the length of your pinky finger. You can use a ruler if you want a mark or you can do it free hand like I do. For bigger dogs you can do longer cuts the length of your middle finger.
You can either make all the cuts before you start tying or you can make a few fringes and tie as you go. Just make a simple knot as close to the top of your strip as possible. Continue until you have finished with both sides or all 4 sides depending on your fabric.
That’s it you made your very own dog blanket. No sewing, no sweating just a little cutting and knotting. You can even do this while watching TV with your dog or cat asleep on your lap. The blanket is completely washable and should not shrink or bleed colors. If you wash your dog blankets often do not use fabric softener. Over time it ruins the fleece fabric.
Have fun.
This post was originally created for an amazing crafts projects site. Please visit my friend Shelly's Blog

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No Sew Dog Blanket + Simple Craft Project