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Animals Hit the Streets in Brazilian Pet Parade

In the weeks leading up to Carnival in Brazil a tradition has emerged that pets help usher in the festivities by participating in a Pet Parade where animals are dressed up and their owners party in the streets.

Organizers of the parade decided the parade should start earlier in the day this year in order to keep the animals who were participating cooler and less stressed. Its seems the animals all agreed showing their appreciation with smiling faces and wagging tails. While some strolled along in wagons with their brothers and sisters others spent the time in their owners arms. A great way for the animals to bond with their owners and socialize with the other animals. Though to be honest I am not sure having a dressed up rooster around all those dogs large and small was the smartest idea as I am sure more then one dog thought they had found a great new game to play staring at it and trying to hunt it.

The first pet parade which took place 9 years ago was comprised of just six musicians and twenty pets with their owners. Now in its 9th year there were hundreds of Pet Owners from all across Rio de Janeiro arrived to dance in the street with their well dressed pets. its a fun day where dogs can go out and have a fun day with their owners and meet new friends.


Animals Hit the Streets in Brazilian Pet Parade {pet}