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Meet Whisper

Meet Whisper my parents new dog. Whisper is a Husky that was found wandering in the forest. She was taken to a local Shelter where they found her. They have no idea how long she was wandering or if she got lost or was kicked out of her old house

She is a very skinny girl and needs to gain about 20% of her body weight but other then that she is a healthy quiet girl. She has not left my dad's side since he went to pick her up last Tuesday. They go for walks to the lake together and around their community and she goes with him in the car everywhere. She even went with my dad to pick up my mom at the airport. She wants no part in being the alpha dog and is quite happy to be a follower. She doesn't really show interest in the other dogs they have met on their walks either. At some point she will probably get a friend but my parents knew she was shy and would need time before she wanted a friend.

My dad thought it was going to be an easy job to fatten her right up but she isn't interested any of the food he has or the treats. For the first few days he cooked for her something he would have never done for Kahlua since he ate everything and anything. Apparently she wants nothing to do with dog food even premium brands she only wants chop meat and whatever else my dad is throwing in there for her.We did get her two sample bags of The Honest Kitchen to see if she likes it since it is almost homemade and not a kibble and Indiana and Davinia love it.

She likes to sleep outside on the porch in the morning and early afternoon and then goes to sit on the landing going up to my dad's office for the rest of the day. My parents vet thinks she is about 2 - 3 years old. We can't wait to meet her. It will be an interesting dynamic between her and Davinia but I am sure that there will be no problem with her and Indiana.

Maybe she will take the girls on a sled ride if we visit in the winter. BOL!

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