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#BarkWorld all in good fun

I had a ton of requests for more about what happened at BarkWorld but I am honestly exhausted so I am going to keep this post short and sweet.

Saturday night after learning about how they got their start as DJ's for Pawpawties we got to see the first live performance of the Shibbering Cheetos - The Twitter Anipal Rock Band.

Check out this video of @frougalDougal's staff dancing at the party on Saturday night.

If you enjoyed that performance please consider making a donation to the House Charity of the Shibbering Cheetos use the First Giving Widget on the Shibbering Cheetos website. I know that Lynn (frougaldougal's staff) would love it if you did. She would be happy to let the video to go viral among the Pet Community if it means helping the animals!

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#BarkWorld all in good fun + pet