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Mamavation Monday on Tuesday

Since I have been in Georgia for over a week now I didn't get to Weight Watchers this week and have no weight loss to report. I did try to find a local meeting (40 miles away) once when I was here before but I couldn't find the meeting location even with direction and stopping to ask some locals if they could help. So I was nto just blowing it off I literally can't find a meeting around here to check in at.

I do know that I have been eating normally (even at BarkWorld) and therefore should have lost weight but we will see this Thursday how it worked out. Traveling with my shakes has made it so easy to stay on track and not indulge in bad for me foods. In fact last week on my drive up I didn't make a shake for breakfast and thought I would just stop for eggs like I used to do. Well they were so greasy I literally couldn't eat them and was starving by the time I arrived at my parents house so I ran inside and made a shake first thing and felt so much better.

If I thought the last few weeks have been crazy its time to think again because it looks like September will be even crazier. Have shake will travel. As long as I have a shake for breakfast and am able to find a Chinese restaurant to have rice and vegetables and either fish or tofu for dinner I am happy.

I do have to report that since starting the 90 Day Challenge my stomach feels so much better. I can now travel without my pro-biotics and not feel sick and the stabbing pain from inside my stomach is completely gone! If you all would like some more information you can email me (twolittlecavaliers(@) with your telephone number and I will be happy to call and answer any questions you may have.

My Challenge:
I haven't been drinking enough water while I have been away. How can I make sure to drink enoguh water while I am at conferences and industry events when I am running around like a crazy person? How do you all make sure to drink enough when you are so busy going from one event to the other?

Promise to post on Monday next week and to have a real post.

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Mamavation Monday on Tuesday + work