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Anipal Photo Hunt #4: Show Us Your Bed!

Show us your bed! ; ) And your bedroom, if you like.
Not your human's bed (unless you always sleep there) but your very own special bed.
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No self respecting Cavalier would have less beds then one in every room of the house. Mommy said we could share beds from all of our different houses so our friends could see where we sleep.

Two beds on top of each other for Lady Davinia

This is our bed when we are visiting grandma and grandpa.

Sleeping in bed with mommy. Usually we are on the pillows above her head.

Sleeping baby Indiana on the couch on top of 2 pillows as a bed.

'Texas' our stuffed animal bed.

In one of our doggy beds.

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Anipal Photo Hunt #4: Show Us Your Bed! + my blog