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How to Follow our Twitter Stream for #BlogPaws!

For those of you not attending BlogPaws West and want to keep up with everything going on there follow our Twitter Stream even if you aren't on twitter using Twitter Fall
a really simple tool well I guess it would be considered an app not a tool but anyway it is really easy to use and you can use the scroll bar to start at the beginning of the day. The Twitter Fall works is like a water fall the tweets drop down so the oldest are at the bottom of the page and the newest are at the top.

If you click to enlarge this screen shot you will see on the left sidebar that you can add a search term so you can either search for BlogPaws which will be a tweet by tweet of everyone at the conference or if you are a twitter newbie you can just watch my twitter stream and people who I am communicating with so you aren't too overwhelmed and get a headache from the activity (it will be like a twitter pawty on speed). To do that just type marika into the search bar and you will see all of our tweets for that day. Feel free to check in and see what is happening when you get a chance. I will be tweeting with the #Blogpaws hash tag starting tomorrow afternoon (when I arrive in Denver) all the way through Sunday morning.

You can use Twitter Fall to follow trending topics or keep up with the latest news about a certain subject.

Oh and just for fun because we love all of you if you leave your family friendly blog url here in the comment section we will tweet it out for everyone to visit! If you have a specific post you want us to check out leave it as a or other form of shortened URL so we can send everyone directly there.

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How to Follow our Twitter Stream for #BlogPaws! + work