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Kritter Kondo Deluxe Review and Giveaway (US & Canada)

For the CATS and DOGS!!!

Davinia having fun in the Kritter Kondo About Kritter Kondo:

The Kritter Kondo Deluxe is an outdoor pet enclosure ideal for indoor cats and small dogs. The Kritter Kondo Deluxe collapses flat with the simple release of a few pins; no assembly required. A shade canopy is built in to offer a shady side and a sunny side for your pet to enjoy. The Kondo comes with it’s own carrying case which has a shoulder strap and handles for easy mobility and storage. The interior of the carrying case has three pockets and a zipper pouch for toys, food, blanket and bed.

* Collapsible pet enclosure
* Outdoor safe and water-resisitant
* Collapsible shade canopy (attached to Kondo)
* One-piece construction – no stakes and very minimal assembly
* Lightweight and mobile
* Removeable double french doors
* Door on either end for easy access to pet
* Great for cats and dogs 25lbs and less too
* Ideal for patios, yards, courtyards and balconies
* Includes carrying case
* Set-Up Dimensions: 2′H x 2.5W x 6′L

Davinia and Indiana playing (door open for picture op)
About the Creator:

Lisa Illman is the President and Founder of Kritter Kommunity. Born in 2009 out of her passion for pets, Lisa’s vision for Kritter Kommunity was first conceived as she observed her rescue cats, Madi and Abi’s sad faces as they peered longingly outdoors. A city dweller from Philadelphia, not only is Lisa kitten smitten, but she loves being outdoors – cooking, reading a book, relaxing. With her heart set on creating a fanciful catio for Madi and Abi, Lisa was discouraged when she learned that city building restrictions would limit her. She quickly realized that in order for her entire family to enjoy the outdoors together, she would need to create a safe, effective outdoor cat enclosure. It is through this need that Kritter Kondos were born.

Peeking inside. Indiana is sitting and Davinia is stand on her back legs. Our Review:

Our Kritter Kondo Deluxe literally arrived at 10:30 on a Friday night but I was so excited to test it out that I set it up in the house for the girls to test out thinking that I would collapse it so I could bring it outside for them to use. They went right inside when it was set up and wanted to explore. Since they weren't really sure what to do in there I put two of their beds inside so they would relax and get comfortable. Well the weather has not cooperated once since we have gotten it so their Kondo has stayed inside. I left it set up for them since Davinia really enjoyed going in there to rest during the day since it was set up close enough to my computer for her to see me but in an area that was darker so she could rest. Indiana would join her once in a while to cuddle together while I was working.

I finally decided that good weather or not Davinia needed some extra outside time to get out some energy and not feeling well I needed a way to do it that would not involve me taking her for a longer walk. In fact I put the Kritter Kondo outside as it was starting to rain. I put it on the back patio so that Indiana ran and hid under the couch because she thought it meant that I was going to make her go swimming since the only time I put their crate out back is so I can take them swimming with me and have a safe place for them to dry off. Davinia was having a great time sniffing the air and looking around. It was the first time I had actually closed the doors using the pins so she couldn't open it up and she was perfectly fine. She could care less that she was locked inside the Kritter Kondo.

Even when I went inside to try and convince Indiana to come out of hiding with a treat Davinia did not bark. She continued to sniff around and play. I left one of their beds inside but she wasn't interested in napping inside. Indiana eventually did join Davinia and they both got a small treat inside and then played together. I think Davinia had more fun without Indiana so I took Indiana out and put her back inside unfortunately Davinia thoguht she was missing out on something and started to bark so I put her inside as well.

Hopefully as the weather starts to get a bit nicer (read not rain twice every single day) I will be able to let Davinia and Indiana play in the Kondo more often. I left it on the back patio in a place where the rain can't get to it. I know Davinia cannot wait to go out and play inside of it again.

Feral Kitten not happy about being put inside.
Even Feral Kitten got to try it out one night. She was not that impressed and tried to claw and bite her way out. Which allowed me to see what kitty claws would do to the netting. Not even a pull that I could see and she has full claws so she can climb trees and hunt as necessary. I am sure that a cat used to being inside and with a bit more socialization then Feral Kitten would be very happy to hang out in their very own Kritter Kondo. I also think that a dog double the size of Davinia and Indiana (approx 15lbs each) would be perfectly happy and have enough room inside to play. Check out this video of our friend Boris Kitty enjoying his Kritter Kondo if you want to make sure your cat will love it as much as Davinia and Indiana do.

Purchase a Kritter Kondo:
Visit Kritter Kommunity for the different options and ways to configure your Kritter Kondo.

One very lucky winner from the US or Canada will receive a brand new Kritter Kondo Deluxe for their pet!

Tell us who in your house would love the Kritter Kondo and which Kondo they would like to have.

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We were sent our very own Deluxe Critter Kondo so we could test it out and write our review. No monetary or other form of compensation was given nor was our opinion swayed by the product Sponsor. This giveaway will be open until October 13th at which time the winner will be chosen via

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