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Who's Who in 2010 for 2011

There is an event coming up in October called Who's Who of 2011 in 2010 and Pet Bloggers don't even have their own category! There is not even a mention of us at all like we don't even exist. I know that in truth we probably would not win in the Pet Blogging Category against the heavy hitters like Life with Dogs and all the other Pettie Award Finalist. I guess I could conveniently forget to mention it to them but truth is I would rather help Pet Bloggers become legitimate and showcase our best of the best to prove we are a force and it's time everyone took notice. 2010 is the year Pet Bloggers come out of their shell and united together. 2011 better watch out because we are poised to take the Blogging world by STORM!

Here's how you can help get us our own category:
Friend Gina Parker PR on facebook and let her know you think Pet Bloggers should have their own Category!

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Who's Who in 2010 for 2011 + pet