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Monday Minute & A Request
Monday Minute

Next Monday is the first week of Monday Minute! A get together where everyone creates a one minute video blog around the question of the week and then posts it on their own blog. You would then link up the same way you do for the Pet Blogger Blog Hop but this way you will get to see the typists behind the blog or get to see the personality of our favorite anipals really shine through.
This is really going to be a great way to get some traffic to your site, get to know your audience and the bloggers you read, and show support for all the fellow bloggers that link up. Anyone is open to participate. Here's why I think all of you should participate while this in not Pet Blogger specific I think it is time that everyone out in Blogging land learns that we are a force to be reckoned with. Plain and simple we might be unknowns outside of our circle but we carry a lot of weight and have such passion about our niche that we need to share that with the world. I cannot wait to see how creative you all are and blow everyone else out of the water.
All you need to do is follow the simple guidelines and grab a button showing you are participating. You can either post the button on your sidebar, or you can post it within each Monday Minute post you do. Simple guidelines are...1)Each vlog will be no more than 1 minute in length!2)Everyone who participates will answer the same question.

Here is the very First Question:
If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

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