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Nose Offense Review and Giveaway (US ONLY)

I am so excited to be able to share this giveaway with all of you. Not only because the product really works for us but because I actually got to meet the Father Daughter duo behind the product! There I was sitting in a session at BarkWorld and a man was introducing himself to someone else and I happened to hear the name of his product. Well just days earlier I had been contacted to by the same company to do a review and giveaway for them. I was really excited to introduce myself to him and he told me to go over and introduce myself to his daughter who I had been communicating with. They were both such nice people and really put in the work and effort to make this product great not only for consumers but for themselves as well in fact they wanted to create this product to help in their own households in getting rid of pet odors. Meaning it had to work for them before they would consider marketing it.

Why It Works:
NOSE Offense...for Pets is not a masking agent, it does not cover up your pet's odors with a fragrance. Our spray works on the scientific principle of odor conjugation; immediately combining with all pet odors to form a mild pleasant neutral aroma that rapidly dissipates to an odor free condition. The most effective way to confirm how well it's working is to spray a room, walk out for a moment and return. Odor gone!
Protect Your Pet: Ever walk into a house and immediately know who or what lives there, or what they had for dinner the night before? Well if you can sniff it out, guess what? So can your pet.
Pets have incredible olfactory abilities. A dog's capacity to smell is about 100 thousand times more sensitive than a humans, and a cat's about 14 times greater.
Therefore, when you think you might be smelling something, your pet has already confirmed it.
When you spray an odor elimination product in the air that is masking the smell instead of neutralizing it, your pet also knows that. Most often a group of harmful chemicals known as phthalates are used to produce those 'fresh' smells that the fresheners leave behind. Phthalates are a 'no-no', big time!

Not Just for Dogs!:
Watch this video about how Nose Offense can be used around your cat to help minimize odors.

Our Review:
For those of you don't know Indiana will once in a while wake up in the middle of the night and pee on the floor. There is no reason why she couldn't wake me to tell me she has to go out (she will wake me if she has an upset tummy)or that she drank more water that day then another. Though I do know that if she goes potty on the floor to add a bit of lemon or other citrus to her water and she is fine by the next night. Unfortunately the carpet in my bedroom is anything but fine because of her occasional potty issue. I knew I had the perfect way to Review this product. When I got home from BarkWorld the package was waiting for me which was great because after having the air turned all the way uo while I was gone my bedroom did not smell good at all.

When I sprayed it in the room both in the air and on the carpet it smelled a bit like the dentist office for a little while. When I went back into the room there was no smell at all. Just a few sprays and the smell was gone. The smell stays away as long as they don't go in the room wet and Indiana doesn't have another accident which is so much better then other products which have to be constantly reapplied.

Then disaster struck. You know how you always find out about toilet issues AFTER you go to the bathroom and find out you can't flush. Well that is exactly what happened to me. Well if it had happened in any other bathroom I could have lifted the lid off the tank to figure out the problem. But of course it had to happen after I used the old fashioned toilet which has the tank way up high and I am too short to see inside. Thank goodness my dad was coming down in a few days so I closed the door and left it alone. But not before I sprayed the room with Nose Offense. As long as I sprayed the room once a day with Nose Offense there was no offensive odor coming from the bathroom and I could wait to let my dad look at it and not pay someone else to come in and figure it out. In the end the floating ball had just gotten stuck somehow and the toilet is now back in working condition.

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The offending toilet. Purchase it:
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Win It:
One lucky winner will receive a 32 oz bottle of Nose Offense ($15 value)

How will you use this product in your home?

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In order to write this review we received a bottle of Nose Offense to try around our house. No other form of compensation was given for this post and our opinion was not swayed in any way. This giveaway will be open until October 6th, 2010 at which time a winner will chosen via

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