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Photography Tips from BlogPaws

I actually missed the Photography session at BlogPaws because I was sitting in on the Veterinary Track instead. I was however fortunate enough to get to have dinner with Jessica Bush from DOGingham who was teaching the session and so she gave us a few pointers.

1. Turn off your flash
2. Don't be afraid to take a lot of pictures in order to find the one great one.
3. Connect with the animals you are photographing.
4. Don't be afraid to get the whole scene and then crop the photo in order to frame your subject.
5. If you like black and white or sepia go ahead and use them for those special pictures.
6. Have FUN!

The original picture Honestly most of these tips I learned in Photography class in High School I had just forgotten how much fun it used to be to take pictures and watch the magic happen as they developed and then manipulating them in order to create a truly great finished project. While I will not be investing in a dark room anytime soon. This impromptu photo session certainly reminded me of what I can do with a camera.

Thank you Jessica I can't wait to start taking some really great pictures.

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Photography Tips from BlogPaws + my blog