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Welcoming the Fall Giveaway Event: All about books!

Just wanted to let you know about a fun event coming up this week starting on Wednesday! We are participating in a Giveaway event just for books and I was able to put together a fantastic prize package that you can enter to win from anywhere in the world.

With the days turning colder - hey even I feel the weather changing here in Miami (its been 89 as the high this last week) many people will not be going outside pretty soon and so a few good books to cuddle up near the fireplace with in on the to do list. Not only that but there will be TWO winners! Oh and you will receive one of the first copies of the third book in this series because it doesn't hit bookshelves until the 29th of this month!

Those of you who were at BarkWorld already own a copy of Dog On It but I am sure if you have had the chance to even pick up the book and read a few pages you know that this is an awesome offer. Even if you haven't gotten to pick up your copy if you were able to be in the session and hear Spencer Quinn read from his books you will know this is a really fun trilogy that you will want to enter.

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Welcoming the Fall Giveaway Event: All about books! + my blog