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Proportions Review & Free Trial Code

The three packages you mix together About Proportions:Our whole food meal starts with our hearty Chicken and Vegetable Stew. To that we add our Harvest Mix, a carefully chosen blend of gently dehydrated fresh fruits and vegetables. We then complete the meal with a reduced portion of premium quality holistic dry food. And the best part: each delicious whole food meal is custom-made with premeasured portions based on the unique needs of your dog.

The Pumpkin Chicken Stew Mixed with the Harvest Mix Dehydrated fruits & Vegetables
Proportions University:
We've assembled these "lectures" from canine nutrition experts to help you make the best possible decision about the food you feed your dog. Dog owners always ask us "what should I feed my dog?" So we've created this resource of canine nutrition information, where you can learn all about dog food ingredients, nutritional needs for specific breeds, different diets/feeding plans, and much more. To learn more about your dog's nutritional needs visit Proportions University, where you can get answers to canine nutrition question, understand the specific needs of your dog’s breed, look up common dog food ingredients, and tell a friend!

All three packets mixed together. Our Review:
The instructions are easy enough to follow just open the packets and mix them together in a bowl and feed. I did try to let the Harvest Mix rehydrate a minute or two in the Chicken Pumpkin Stew before mixing in the dry food. The chicken is big chunks of chicken and the vegetables in the stew are easily recognizable. You know there are blueberries in the Harvest mix because everything starts to turn slightly blue as they rehydrate if you mix it all together.

Up until you add the dry food the food looks like something you might want to eat for dinner over a bowl of rice or pasta (unless you are a vegetarian like me then be warned this has a very strong meaty smell). The minute I opened up the package of stew the girls came running and sat staring at me until it was ready. We did get to try it out at two separate times and neither time did they get a tummy ache from the abrupt change in food. I like the fact that everything comes already pre-packaged taking into account your dogs breed or breeds, current weight, activity level, body image, and how much of their daily calories comes from treats.

Two happy little girls!The girls really liked it and I was happy with the food and the quality. Unfortunately when I went to check out the price I was sorry to see it is completely outside of our food budget by more then double what I spend per month. I don't want you not to check out the product just because we will not be switching (much to the girls dismay). The nice people at proportions are offering all of our readers a Free Trial Code so you can try them out.
When you use the food calculator to figure out the ideal diet for your dog be sure to write down the total calorie number and refer to it when your trial sample of the food arrives to make sure you are feeding the proper amount. Both times we were sent samples they send us packages that were double the amount per meal the girls needed and so I would just make up one meal and split it.
Visit Proportions and use code TNTrial24 to receive your very own trial of their food!

In order to write this review we were sent samples of their food. No monetary or other form of payment was received and our opinion was not swayed in any way.

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Proportions Review & Free Trial Code + my blog