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Should You Use Your Blog for Good?

Did I really receive an email from a top blogging site earlier today asking that question?

To tell you the truth that question is the sole difference that I see between Mommy Blogger and Pet Bloggers as a whole. Mommy Bloggers actually have to ask that question while Pet Bloggers just act.

If you have a blog you have a Social Media Voice. Actually I am going to take it even further if you have a Facebook or Twitter account why are you not using them to help causes that you are passionate about?

To be fair you should only use your social media voice to talk about things that you are passionate about. If you use it to support every cause it will start to look like noise and people will ignore it. If you are sincere and don't abuse your voice not only will people take action but they will probably help spread the word about your cause.

I am not asking you to take on a huge task all it takes it one status update that says: "On Halloween do not get behind the wheel of your car if you have been drinking. There are too many children out on the street to risk an accident."

Maybe you want to help make sure people eat healthier so your status update could be "I had my fruits and vegetables today have you?" Or maybe you put up what you had for dinner to encourage others that eating healthy doesn't mean it has to be tasteless or boring.

Fashion Bloggers can write about jewelry or clothing that is made by the native people of an area and how they use the techniques of their ancestors to create them. Or perhaps you spread cultural awareness by showcasing the traditional clothing of different countries.

Maybe you are a mommy blogger that helps Re-tweet another Mommy Bloggers plea to help her family adopt a child. Or you help a friend whose house isn't selling by spreading the word about their house that is for sale -- posting pictures on your blog and showing how it is the perfect home for a young family.

Instead of feeling inadequate because the task seems daunting just do something to make a difference. All the small thing really add up. One less person driving while intoxicated, One more person whose eyes have been open to another culture, One more family having a healthy meal tonight, One less child in an orphanage who is now with a loving family.

If you have a social media voice the questions shouldn't be Should You Use Your Voice For Good? It should be Why Aren't You Using Your Voice for Good?

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