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Sir Bejamin: One Less Adoptable Dogs Story

We have a friend in England his name is Sir Benjamin. We really wanted to share his story with all of you because he was deemed un-adoptableand slated to be put to sleep.Even thought we have never met him we have know him since his family found out about him and made the decision to save him and bring him home forever. If there was every a poster dog that should be used to show just what a less adoptable dog can become Sir Benjamin is it. We love you Ben and think your mommy and daddy are angels for taking you in and loving and caring for you. You are such a special boy.

Davinia & Indiana
We sent his daddy our interview questions and he was kind enough to help Sir Ben respond to us.

How did your mommy and daddy find out about you?
Why did people say you were un-adoptable?

I’ll answer these two questions together:
I was in kennels. I had been neglected by my former owner, which had left me undersized, underweight, and almost toothless. I had a malformed jaw, and large bald patches on my chest and hindquarters. Because of all this, the powers that be had decided I was too ugly to be rehomable, and I was waiting to be put to sleep.
Fortunately I was spotted by Emma who runs the Ruffdogs forum. She knew someone on that forum who kept hairless, and often toothless, Chinese Crested Dogs. Emma figured that perhaps this person wouldn’t be put off by my looks and asked her and her husband to consider adopting me.
They said yes.

How did you get transported to your forever home?
Unfortunately the kennels I was in were literally at the other end of England to my new parents, and their car was in a worse state than I was!
Luckily the wonderful people at Lurcher Link came to my rescue. They transport rescued Lurchers all over the country, and they offered to take me halfway, which was close enough for my new Mum and Dad to risk the rest of the journey in their car.

Can we share the first picture your mommy and daddy every saw of you?

How long did it take for you to be a full fledged member of your house?
About five seconds.
As soon as I walked in the door I realised this was my new home, and my forever family. Although I was physically in bad shape, I understood all about being a pet, and was even able to teach a lot of it to my new sister, Charm.

Already starting to feel better with hi family.
How has your health been since you got home?
It has improved no end. When I first arrived Mummy and Daddy weren’t sure if I would be strong enough to survive my first winter with them. That was almost four years ago.
There is nothing particularly clever about my recovery. All it took was regular meals, gentle exercise, and a loving home.
As time went on I put on weight and built muscle, and I grew back hair all over my body (except for my tail and bum which are still bald!)
I will never achieve the proper condition for a Shih Tzu, I was too badly neglected for that, but I like to think that I have a certain roguish charm, and although I am now an old man, I still have the energy for gentle walks and the occasional game of fetch.

Sir Ben today as a distinguished older gentleman.
What is your favorite thing to do?

I like the occasional game of fetch with my cuddly octopus, but more than anything I just like to curl up with my Dad when he is reading, or sit in the kitchen with him when he is cooking.
Like most dogs, the most important thing to me is really just to feel like part of the family.

What is your favorite food?
Egg fried rice, without a shadow of a doubt!

Is there anything else you think we need to know to tell people about you who are considering a less adoptable pet?
Yes: Pets won’t judge you by how you look, but by the love you give them. If you do the same you’ll find there is no such thing as a ‘less adoptable pet’.

Sir Ben with his sister's Holly and Charm out for a stroll in the park.

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