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Team Up with @K9Cuisine on Facebook to Help Animals

Some of you may remember that we did a Review with Coupon Code for all of our readers and friends for K9 Cuisine a while back. Well we finally got to meet Anthony the owner of the company and his wife at BlogPaws West. They are both just as amazing in person as they are over the internet like with everyone else I don't feel like I really got to spend as much time speaking with them as I would have liked but at least we got to meet. Anyway I was just visiting Facebook to see all the news fit to print to make sure we weren't missing any very important announcements or news articles when we found out that K9 Cuisine has pledged to donate 5,000lbs of food to shelter pets if they reach 5,000 K9 Cuisine Facebook fans by October 31st what an awesome TREAT for all of those dogs waiting for homes!

Here is the information from their blog about this project:
October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Month and when Anthony, the CEO (of K9 Cuisine) learned about it, he asked what we could do to help homeless animals. There are literally thousands of grass root rescue organizations with dedicated founders and volunteers helping homeless dogs and cats everyday and one thing they all tell me they always need is food.

Our Fans for Food contest works this way: If we reach our goal of getting 5,000 Facebook fans on our page by October 31, K9 Cuisine will ship, at the company’s expense, two bulk donations of food to help with their charge’s care:

Half-Way Home, a rescue located in Collins, Mo., is one I’ve volunteered with and is also the rescue that pulled our Chloe from the Springfield, Mo., municipal shelter. That shelter does not allow public adoptions, so every week, the founder drives the nearly one hour drive to Springfield and pulls as many animals as she can shelter at her home-based operation, saving the pets from being killed.
On Saturdays, she drives the nearly two hour drive to Kansas City each week to take the dogs and cats she rescues to a low cost spay and neuter clinic, where the pets are vetted and readied for adoption once back in Collins. Half-Way Home pulls thousands of pets from the municipal shelter each year, as well as taking in and saving many puppy mill dogs when Missouri breeders give up their horrid businesses.

The other rescue, Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, located in Northern California saves over 800 mostly Goldens each year from shelters, puppy mills and from owner surrenders.
Melanie Bruski, who I wrote about for this blog, is a volunteer for this organization.

Here’s how you can help: It is simple. Go to our Facebook page and press the “like” button. In the top left hand corner of the page, you can invite your friends to like the page as well by hitting “suggest to friends.”

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Team Up with @K9Cuisine on Facebook to Help Animals + work