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Chula Vista School to 'Jog for a Dog'

CHULA VISTA — Students at Corky McMillin Elementary will 'Jog for a Dog' Friday morning.

The Fun Run will benefit the nonprofit Chula Vista Police Foundation and aims to raise money for a second canine unit for the local police force.

The event will also "promote a healthy lifestyle, community service and involvement, and enhance public safety" according to district officials.

McMillin Elementary is the first in the Chula Vista Elementary School District to raise funds for the cause, but other district schools are gearing up to embark on their own service projects. The school that raises the most money will "adopt" the new canine team.

The event is not open to the public, but donations are accepted at the school site located at 1201 Santa Cora Ave., Chula Vista. Checks can be made payable to the Chula Vista Police Foundation.

What a great way for the students to give back to the community and foster a friendly relationship between them and the police force. Good luck to the students in their fund-raising efforts and for their push for health. I know that I would have thought it was so cool to have our school adopt the new K9 Team. What a great motivation for them to really make an impact in their community to keep it a safe and happy place to live.

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