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Dog at Seattle Marina Dies from Poisoned Food Left for Otters

About 2 weeks ago Glenn Bonci and Joan Ronnenkamp were walking their Pomeranian mix Teddi along Elliott Bay Marina. Teddi was playing as usual when the black Pomeranian mix stopped in front of a boat and ate some cat food left in a can. They left the marina and headed for home but before they could get home Teddi had multiple seizures and was admitted to an emergency hospital for treatment. Despite attempts to help, a short time later Teddi's heart stopped. She was apparently poisoned by strychnine-laced cat food. Tests conducted on the cat food and the dog at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Pullman confirmed the theory.

Bonci, like Marina Manager Dwight Jones, theorizes the poison was left in an attempt to kill river otters that climb into boats, defecating there and on the cleats and ropes fixing the boats to the docks. It's how the animal marks territory. A spokesman at the Washington state veterinary college said it's become fairly common to find strychnine-poisoned pets.

Bonci and Ronnenkamp reported the crime to police, but no suspects turned up. Jones sent a letter to others at the marina warning them that poisoning wildlife was illegal and telling them what happened to Teddi.

Teddi's owners have had sympathy and concern from boaters, many of whom also own dogs or cats that live aboard boats in the community. The area is usually so dog friendly that the nearby restaurant has a designated "dog parking" place where pets can be left while their owners get a bite to eat.

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Dog at Seattle Marina Dies from Poisoned Food Left for Otters + pet