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For those of you who were at BlogPaws you know that the guys behind HelpJoey are awesome! I met them and then Cosmo Havanese came over to say hello so Joey gave him the abstinence speech it was hilarious. You should have seen Cosmo looking at Joey all serious like he totally understood the conversation.

This post is for those of you who have never met Joey in person. He knows he can't afford to get every animal in need of a spay and neuter to the vet so he decided to come up with a humerus way to help spread the message and maybe stop a few dogs and cats that roam neighborhoods from adding to the pet over population problem. Here is their latest video for your viewing pleasure. Please visit their website or Facebook page to see their videos. For whatever reason they are not embedding properly.

After watching consider becoming a fan of Help Joey on Facebook so you can watch all of their fun videos as they are created.

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