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Driver Stops Bus to Save Puppy

Oregon: On Nov. 16, around 9 a.m., a tiny black and white Chihuahua-Dachshund mix waddled its way onto 19th Avenue where a line of vehicles, including a TriMet bus, stopped to avoid squashing it. The driver of the Line 57 bus hopped out of the cab and scooped the puppy up for safekeeping, then continued on his route, eventually dropping the dog off at a local vet to make sure it was healthy.
News of the transit dog rescue got to Joseph Rose, the Oregonian newspaper’s commuting columnist. In a Dec. 15 column, Rose wrote of the event and asked readers to help find the dog’s home. At that point, a Craigslist posting hadn’t turned up much in the way of leads on the home of the dog.
The owner of the puppy was found when the news story started getting picked up by more news agencies and was relieved to hear the puppy had been well taken care of by the bus driver. After being released from the vet as healthy the puppy had been living with the bus driver while its owner was found. The original owner of the puppy was so relieved that such good care had been taken of the puppy that they allowed the bus driver to keep the puppy since it would have been for sale anyway. This way the original owner knew that the puppy would be with someone that truly cared about it. The bus driver who has asked to remain anonymous had bonded with the puppy and was excited to hear that he was going to be allowed to keep it.
This is one Christmas puppy that will be loved its entire life.

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