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Freezing Dog Refused to Leave Glasgow Bus

Hamish with his owner reunited in time for ChristmasAn animal charity is hoping to find the owner of a dog which boarded a Glasgow bus in freezing conditions and refused to leave. The male cairn terrier hopped aboard the bus on Wednesday when it stopped on Dumbarton Road in the city's west end.

The dog, which had icicles attached to its coat, then curled up in a warm spot and refused to move.
The dog, nicknamed Claus, was later taken to the Scottish SPCA's animal rescue and rehoming centre in Glasgow. Centre assistant manager, Anna O'Donnell, said: "Claus is a cheeky wee lad who we think is around eight years old. He isn't micro chipped so we don't know who his owner is.

"The passengers on the bus must have had a real surprise when he jumped on and refused to get off. He was so cold he had icicles attached to his coat so maybe he made a dash for somewhere warmer.
"Even when he arrived here he went straight to a warm spot, curled up and didn't want to move. He's still to have a full vet check though he does seem to be walking gingerly, so he may have arthritis. "Hopefully his owner will be missing him and will come forward."

A Happy Ending

Its was a very happy ending for the little Cairn Terrier named Hamish whose jumped on the city bus curled up in a warm spot and refused to get off. His owner was worried sick over his escape from her yard as was desperate to get him home again. His owner went to the center after a relative heard radio reports of Hamish's antics. "My sister-in-law heard on the radio that the Scottish SPCA was looking for the owner of a cairn terrier who had gone on a bus and I thought it had to be Hamish.

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