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Happy Aloha Friday

The way it works is you post a short question on your blog and link up each week at An Island Life the hostess of this event so others can come and visit your blog and answer your question. Everyone can post their own question just make sure to keep it family friendly.

I didn't really have a question for all of you until about 2 minutes ago when I saw a Facebook status update from one of my friends it said the following:

Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on FB util Monday, December 6th. Join the FIGHT AGAINST CHILD ABUSE ♥ Copy & paste to your status to invite your friends!
Our question for you:

Do you participate in these Facebook Status update events? What makes you choose to do one over the other?

Both my Facebook Profile picture and Davina & Indiana's profile picture are the same it is our logo so we don't technically have to change our picture. However quite obviously they are not a cartoon character from my childhood.

The first cartoon that came to mind was JEM and the Holograms so I went on a mission to find an image to upload here. Oh my goodness either there are no good pictures out there or the cartoon was just really poorly drawn. So then I thought I really liked the Care Bears I had some books, a stuffed animal, and I am sure I watch a number of episodes. Much better results and almost exactly what I remember. I also liked the Jetsons and the Flintstoneswhen I was a little girl. Not sure if I will change either of our profile pictures. I am thinking I will put up the status update on Davinia & Indiana's facebook page as well as my own but not change our avatars.

To answer the question of whether I participate in this type of event it really depends. I will if they support a cause that is not political in nature, I will also not promote status update events about bra color or where I like my pocketbook. If it is to promote some sort of drive or other to raise "likes" for donations I will participate.

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