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Delivering popchips One Bag At a Time

Indiana of Two Little Cavaliers in the popchips Truck
We are trying to become the Vice President of Pop Culture for a Brand called popchips which is owned by Ashton Kutcher (not that is really matters to us who owns the company). Basically they are looking for someone in Social Media to be popchips Brand Ambassador for a year. This is an amazing opportunity and I really, really hope to be in the final 5 but I need more votes.
We are the only dogs running for the position. Please vote for us so the team of judges see that we have what it takes to make people take notice.

Please watch our video and then vote for us
Those who vote in the US and Canada will be given a $1 off coupon for their next bag of popchips.

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Delivering popchips One Bag At a Time + my blog